Below are inspirations to my work that may benefit your journey of healing. Look within the collection and find your own inspirations.


Photos were taken by me or acquaintances. Let nature serve as an inspiration for you too.


I find quotes inspire me to pause and consider the deeper meaning intended by the author. See what you think...


You may have noticed the music playing on my website. It is an original creation by an amazing artist and friend, Jim 'Desi' Desiderati. I hope you enjoy it and these other artists as much as I do.

Online Presence

I like to receive daily inspirations in my inbox. These are a few that I've found over the years. Try a little pick-me-up in your own inbox.

Deaf Community

Deaf Community resources for you to navigate and support deaf individuals achieve their dreams,

Deaf Literature

Deaf poetry is available for your watching along with other literature that could inspire your transitions.

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